Can We Talk About More Than Plastic Surgery?

Quite the fuss is strewn across the internet about how the 2013 Korean beauty pageant contestants all look like the same person.  There’s this reddit image of them all in a line. And here’s one of them in a Brady Brunch-type block set. Then there’s this quickly looping .gif of the candidates combined into one, which hurts to look at for longer than a minute. And then there’s Buzzfeed, who summarized it all for you.

While some netizens cry race and other blame plastic surgery, I claim there’s got to be more to it than that. There’s make-up. There’s Photoshop. But really, this exhibits a symptom (not in the negative sense) of a greater whole: at what strict, narrow definitions beauty and attractiveness have in South Korea. Moreover – from where do these definitions come? Continue reading


Casual Conversations with Coworkers

guys I don’t post because I’m DOING THINGS with my life. Like watching my first Hitchcock film or becoming obsessed with Woody Allen’s (changing philosophies about relationships as portrayed in his trajectory of) movies.

These are snippets of – or sometimes full – conversations which were said causally in passing the past two days. They are all in reference to the “increased” “tension” on the Korean peninsula between the ever capricious North Korea and the world’s superpowers.
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