Shoe Shopping Woes

Instead of apologizing for time lost or making up for it with summaries or excuses, I give you haiku(s) about shoe(s).

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I Get Knocked Down: But I Get Up Again?

Yes I definitely did just quote Chumbawamba. Enter me, Thursday midday, a video on Martin Luther King Jr. and 8 Korean 7-year-old girls. Which, in Western age, means they’re 6 (here, I googled that for you.).

The kids were super bored. Like crazy bored. I think every one of the 8 in the room had said “This isn’t a funny one.” What they really wanted was a video called Arctic Antics that sings about penguins and seals and the circle of life in the ocean.

“No, it’s not.” I rebutted. “But it’s something you have to learn.”

Ew, gross. I thought. I can’t believe I just said that.

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