Casual Conversations with Coworkers

guys I don’t post because I’m DOING THINGS with my life. Like watching my first Hitchcock film or becoming obsessed with Woody Allen’s (changing philosophies about relationships as portrayed in his trajectory of) movies.

These are snippets of – or sometimes full – conversations which were said causally in passing the past two days. They are all in reference to the “increased” “tension” on the Korean peninsula between the ever capricious North Korea and the world’s superpowers.
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Have you ever known me to use social media to state what I’m really doing?

I began on Wednesday to write a post about 3 awe-inspiring occurances that happened to me at work. Until I noticed I spent an inordinate amount of time giving backstory about the workings of my day, which then prompted the realization that I haven’t made a post about what I actually do. Shocker. (Sarcasm).

So against my nature, I’m going to write about things that happen almost daily in my life. In the coming week, you can anticipate a (currently untitled) Part I describing my job. I’ll try not to make it a complete infomercial. After that’s been digested, I’ll post a follow-up Part II entitled Games, Frowny Faces, and Bad Manners.

In summation: I have a twofer coming your way shortly. Get pumped.

9 Observations After 6 Days in Korea

Michael: I want to tell you everything if… if you’re willing to listen.
Rita: I’m a very good listener.
Michael: Great. Start with the misdemeanors and then, we’re gonna push right on through to the lighter treasons. So, 1983…

Instant coffee.

Everywhere. All the time. Only thing. Coffee snob. Dying inside.

If a café is boasting about their coffee, it’ll be advertised as “drip coffee.” In reference to this. Not this.


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