It’s about time though. Just some things that are on my mind.

I know that news media has been rapidly and visibly changing. It’s not a new phenomena that news is broken over social media instead of traditional mediums. But these two articles, one about Snowden’s escape drama and the other about Wendy Davis’ filibuster, really hit me for some reason. Found at BuzzFeed and The Daily Dot, respectively. Please don’t disregard the Snowden link because it’s from BuzzFeed and it’s titled “You Don’t Have To Like Edward Snowden.” Just check out the first paragraph.

This dude’s books are free on starting today. Matt Owens Rees. Even though I’m good at google, I didn’t go past the 2nd page google search page. His blog must be new, but from a quick glance at his author profile, he’s trying to use first-person accounts of Thais to bring greater understanding to the mainstream opinions on Thailand. I’m especially interested in The Thai Way of Meekness, which follows a Thai academic’s thesis that (I’m assuming? Haven’t read any) is about how early Christian missionaries failed because they were unaware and unable to recognize Thai norms. So if you’re interested in anthropology/Thai culture, it can’t hurt to invest for future reading (cause they’re free).

Here’s this blog called The Marriage Project. Started because someone wanted to know why their friends were getting married. It’s a space to tease out the experiences versus the expectations, and what “the (marriage) reality” is to (many different) women. The answers are awesome. The whole thing seems insanely wonderful.

PS: this article from the NY Times has Snowden through the eyes of a spy novelist. Which is what this is to me. Sadly, the article has a more realistic and somber tone than the pop-y title suggests.


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