Casual Conversations with Coworkers

guys I don’t post because I’m DOING THINGS with my life. Like watching my first Hitchcock film or becoming obsessed with Woody Allen’s (changing philosophies about relationships as portrayed in his trajectory of) movies.

These are snippets of – or sometimes full – conversations which were said causally in passing the past two days. They are all in reference to the “increased” “tension” on the Korean peninsula between the ever capricious North Korea and the world’s superpowers.

“Go on a date before the war comes.”

“It doesn’t matter though because you’ve registered with the embassy, right?”

“I feel like Hemingway.”
“A writer in a warzone.”

“If I tell you honestly…North Korea isn’t the problem, America is the problem.”

“I want to sing the song imagine with the kids. Guys, let’s learn today about a song about peace! And then he got shot by a guy.”

“Don’t forget…I love you.”


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