“Are you keen on teaching children?”

That question comes from my final interview on Sunday, August 5th.

My thought process in 1.5 seconds went as such: Am I keen on moving out of the United States? Yes. Am I keen on getting my career started? Absolutely. Children? Well…

“Yes, definitely.”

Definitely, a lie.

The next day, I FedEx’ed contracts, passport photos, authenticated diplomas and background checks to South Korea, beginning a flurry of expedited mail, international expenditures, and quick goodbyes.

On August 6th, 2012, I signed a year of my life away.

Here I am, a month later, knee-deep in tiny Korean children.

And I can confidently state that I am beginning to see children as real people. With unique personalities and needs.

If you think that statement sounds ludicrous, we obviously aren’t friends.

Going into this, I knew it was basically necessary to start off teaching ESL to kids. I still do, on Day 11, consider the kid aspect a stepping-stone to get to adults. That being said, I have complied a (brief) list of: the benefits of teaching children.

  • They’re not afraid to make mistakes. Adults, even those who are intrinsically motivated, seem to be less inclined to shout out an answer for fear of it being wrong. Learning a foreign language is tough and daunting. Kids just aren’t afraid in the same ways adults are.
  • They’re very honest. Like, if I could choose a title for a movie about kids, I think the perfect, all-encompassing descriptor would be Crazy, Stupid, Honesty. You might have just said, “no shit.” Again, to those of you who just had that thought: you must not know me very well. Point being: I like honesty. And kids are honest. I can appreciate that.
  • They can actually be pretty cute. You should hear the beginners say “butterfly.”

I drafted this around 8:30 this morning. 4 kids cried 5 separate times today.

FYI, I am definitely still not a kid person.


4 thoughts on ““Are you keen on teaching children?”

  1. You WOULD make a ryan Gosling movie reference.. and I love you for it.
    I can only imagine how adorable those babes are saying words like “butterfly” and “lonely” – L’s are hard Ms. Kaitlin!

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