Korean Goal: Week 2

I need to learn numbers. I can confidently state there are at least 2 numeric systems: one for counting, and one used with money.

On the whole, I have stayed away from street venders (food or otherwise) because I am unable to understand the amount due or suggested (haggling is normal). Stores are safe, because a price is listed and a register produces something visible.

Not being understood isn’t what bothers me, it’s that I would probably just hold up a bill and am worried the seller would take the whole amount, sensing my ineptitude to know the difference.

edit: there are 3. Another system for ordering.


2 thoughts on “Korean Goal: Week 2

    • okay so maybe it’s just two? But you interchange them a lot. Telling the time uses both systems, sino Korean and native. Anyway you can tell I haven’t quite sussed it out quite yet – but I can definitely order beers now.

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